Saturday, 09 December 2017 17:12


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DOWN HOME - 12x36, oil on gallery canvas, SOLD

This painting took me 8 years to complete and I looked at it everyday over those years, trying to figure out the WHY it wasn't grabbing me to finish.   Then one day, I said this is enough, finish the dang thing!  Was I truly turning into a procrastinator, surely not I am organized, meet deadlines and arrive 10 minutes early for every appt I have ever made.  Sheez,  why was this ptg a heartache and I knew it would find a home quickly, as a few clients were waiting to see the final stroke!  Once I put it on the easel, picked up the paint brush, it was a done deal in 30 minutes.  So why.....I think deep down I didn't want it to leave my studio, as it brought me many great memories from that amazing ptg road trip to our eastern coast!  Yup....there was some competition on who was going to get ptg two others that are similiar but still unique! 

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