The Beauty of Colour

I must admit I do get absorbed with colour.  Back in 1987, I temporarily went blind (you know you are legally blind when they take away your driver’s licence!).  Colour took on an incredible new meaning when my eyesight returned.

Prior to 1987 I was a traditional colour palette painter, wanting to capture colour as it realistically displayed itself.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I caught a virus and temporary lost my eyesight, I wasn’t in darkness but light….so much pure white light, that all colour disappeared, and this was caused from the inflammation of not one but two eyes!  This condition usually happens to one eye, but being a special sort of person according to my dear late Mother, the virus infected both eyes!  Needless to say, I was ecstatic when my eyesight returned, as my eye doctor promised me!   Colour took on a whole new meaning in my life, hence all those colours in my paintings!