Why I Paint

Why do I paint?  It's all about passion!

I have a life-long passion for nature, the spirituality of nature and paint.  During this life, my body and soul have travelled extensively across this land, thus I consider Canada “my BIG backyard” and the rest of the world “my village” or “my playground".  The diverse scenery I have encountered from coast to coast has heightened my sense of landscape formation and structural forms, colours and patterns.  Because of its vastness, nature has offered an incredible variety of subjects to examine and pursue.  At present, I try to combine elements of abstraction and traditional realism in my work.  With respect to the spiritual aspect of my work, the simplicity of a landscape displays great power.  It commands respect for nature, exposing how insignificant I am….a  small integral part of the environment.  Perhaps, I no longer want to just paint and copy what I see.  Rather I want to find my interpretation of the land!