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My philosophy for teaching drawing or painting is there will be “No Stress”.  I want my students to enjoy the moment while learning the foundation of these mediums.

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I encourage my students to expand their personal art growth and find their voice in a relaxed atmosphere.

I offer Private/Semi Private lessons in Drawing and Painting from pure beginners to advanced beginners.  These sessions are offer in my home studio gallery located in Colwood on the beautiful Esquimalt Lagoon.

Novice Drawing or Painting,

Painting or Sketching on Location,

Colour Theory,

Painting the Seasons - 4 sessions,

Painting Dramatic Skies - 4 sessions,

Perspective & Depth - 2 sessions,




If you are interested in taking Private/Semi Private lessons, please contact me  






My Art Courses at the Coast Collective Art Centre - www.coastcollective.ca



INTRODUCTION TO EN PLEIN AIR PAINTING - July 23 & 30, 2019 - Tuesday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Painting en plein air can be a joy for capturing your feelings of the scenes in front of you!  This is not a class for beginner painters.  Advanced beginners.

Knowing what ting for en plein air set-up with your medium (oils, ic,a watercolours and pastels) can be a challenge.  You want to bring it all but know that this is not necessary for require to be able to create in comfort and freedom while in the great outdoors.  Next question that crosses your mind, what is the best way to start painting on location since it seems rather Big and overwhelming.

Cost: $100.00, more info @ coastcollective.ca


DRAMATIC SKIES - July 25 & 26, 2019 - Thursday and Friday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.

This two day workshop for (acrylics or oils) advanced beginners, will offer techniques and tips for creating dramatic and colourful skies!

Cost: $195.00, more info @ coastcollective.ca

DARE TO DRAW - Oct - 2019,  Six Tuesday from 930 am-noon.

 This course is designed for those who think they cannot draw and also a good review of foundations for those who have not picked up a pencil in awhile.  Each class will include exercises on various elements of drawing:  Line, Values, Forms, Positive & Negative Space, Perspective and Composition.  Students will learn to draw an object not only to obtain a likeness, but also to give the drawing energy and life.  A good sense of humour is an asset for this course.  Drawing will be demystified using time honoured teaching methods, instructions and demonstrations.  Cost $195.00.  Please register on line @ www.coastcollective.ca


Perspective & Depth Drawing - 1 day workshop.  TBA  2019, 10-4pm

 In this fun one day workshop, you will learn the basics of one, two and three point perspective.  How to add a sense of depth and scale.  What is a vanishing point, what is the difference between a horizon line and eye level.  Whether you draw or paint seriously or for fun, a good base of perspective can enhance your artwork and help solve common compositional challenges.  Plenty of handouts will be available.  Cost $100.00.  Please register on line @www.coastcollective.ca


DARE TO PAINT FOR THE NOVICE - TBA Oct  2019,  Six Tuesdays, 1pm to 4 pm.

This painting course is designed for the absolute beginner or the artist that needs a good review in foundation.  You will learn to apply basic acrylics or oil  painting techniques to create your own art.  Painting will be demystified using time honoured teaching methods, instructions and demonstrations.  A good sense of humour is a must!  Cost $195.00.  Please register on line @ www.coastcollective.ca


ADVANCED PAINTING (oils OR acrylic's)  - TBA Oct,  2019,  Six Thursdays from 930 am to noon. 

This six week course is designed to further the development of painters who are ready to move beyond the skills gained in level 1 or basic's.  Emphasis will be on your individual development, enhancng your technical skills and personal expression.  Come join this friendly relaxed class, no stress allowed.  Cost $195.00.  Please register on line @ www.coastcollective.ca


DARE TO PAINT FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER - Workshop - 28th&29th Apr, 10am to 4pm.

This two day workshop is designed for the absolute beginner!  We will cover all the basics you need to get going in applying paint onto the canvas, from brush application to basic colour theory.  Painting will be demystified using traditional teaching methods with demonstrations.  A good sense of humour is a must!  Cost $190.00.  Please register on line @www.coastcollective.ca



So, you want to demystify colour mixing but the colour wheel seems daunting!  This one day workshop is for you.  At the end of the day you will understand the basic principles of colour theory, giving you a clear action plan as it can be hard to know where to begin or where you have been going wrong.  Cost $100.00.  Please register on line @ www.coastcollective.ca




PAINTING THE SEASONS  WORKSHOP - 1st and 2nd Jun 2019, 10-4pm. 

This two day workshop is designed for the advanced novice.  We will explore our typical Canadian four seasons by painting a spring summer, fall and winter scene.    Exploring composition of the landscape, painting techniques and palettes that work best for the season being painted.  Cost $195.00.  Please register online @www.coastcollective.ca


I regularly teach workshops in a range of genres including:

Drawing without Fear - 1 or 2 day workshop

Painting without Fear - 2 day workshop

Intro to Colour Theory without Stress - 1 or 2 day workshop

Painting the Seasons - 2 day workshop

Intro to Figure and Facial Drawing - 4 hour workshop.


GROUPS I have instructed or demo for:

OPUS Art Supplies, Victoria, BC

Maple Ridge Painters, Duncan, BC

Croften Painters, Croften, BC

West Shore Art Council, Victoria, BC

Coast Collective Art Centre, Victoria, BC

Tico Pod, Jaco, Costa Rica

Orleans Visual Art Centre, Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Adult Continuing Education, Ottawa, ON

Art Study - Monet's Garden, Giverny, France